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BeaGTex - The Team

The BeaGTex-Team is composed of 4 persons with different tasks.

Concept - Layout -

    Benjamin Haag

Grafics Creation -

    Katharina Specht

JUnit-Tests -

   Evan Ossher

Translations -

   David Morais

Do you think the BeaGTeX - Project should be supported?? Feel free to share your experience and skills in the team! 

We look forward to you

The BeaGTex - Team is searching for supporters

  • Programmers (Java Swing)
  • Configuration and support in JUnit-Tests for this Program
  • General Functionscheck (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Internationalization (Deutsch --> Englisch)
Send a e-mail and answer to the tasks of the BeaGTex-Project on!

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